EKIZ Kematen

EKIZ Kematen

Project Details

The old website was already well-designed and received only minimal enhancements to maintain its overall quality. It displays information about the lastest activities and the latest course program. The only additions were the online registration for courses and booking of the EKIZ room on specific dates.

February 4, 2024
20 hours


About the Client

EKIZ Kematen is a parent-child center located in Kematen (Tyrol, Austria) that serves to provide families with support, information, and social interactions. It offers a variety of activities and resources for parents and their children, ranging from parent-child groups to counseling services and educational events.

Unsere Kursangebote waren für Eltern und ihre Kinder noch nie so leicht zugänglich. Die Anmeldung und Verwaltung der Kurse gestalten sich äußerst intuitiv und unkompliziert. Vielen Dank für die hervorragende Arbeit!

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