Stefan Haselwanter

Over the past years, I have acquired a broad knowledge in the IT domain from university courses, online trainings, workshops, and self-taught projects. With specialized skills in full-stack app development and web design, I will make your project a success. I enjoy every step of the design and development process: from the first thoughts and sketches to the final tweaks and release.

At the moment, I work as a security tester and software developer at AV-Comparatives, a leading and independent organization offering systematic testing of security software. Since 2019, I am also available as freelancer.

Besides coding, I love listening to music and make music by myself. I play the trumpet in different local wind/big bands and try my best as a conductor and composer. In my freetime, I like to go hiking, swimming, skiing, and enjoying the beautiful nature in the Tyrolean mountains.

How I work

My Workflow

When designing and developing projects for my clients, I always try to follow a specific path. Thus, I can keep everything organized and have time to exchange information with the client between each phase. Depending on the size of the project, each phase might consist of additional subsequent and repetitive refinement steps.


The first step is to discuss all the important aspects of a project with my client. Therefore, I get a clear picture of what they want and need. In this phase, I also think about the technologies which might suit the best. After that, I can start with the actual design and development.


When designing, I mostly start with sketches and wireframes of a website or mobile app and share my drafts with the client to give them a good feeling of how the end product will look like. This procedure also helps me to quickly react to and incorporate changes in the early phase of the workflow. If the client agrees on the design, I continue with the development process.


After the client has approved the design, I set up the development environment and necessary tools and start working on the project. For larger projects, I divide the development process in small iterations (i.e. sprints) and present each result to the client to receive immediate feedback and assure that I am on the right track.


In the last step, I deliver the end product to the client and deploy it to a server accessible by the client. This phase also includes final talks, optimizations, and tweaks which further improve the website or app and assure that it runs smoothly on the target platform.

What I use


For all of my projects, I leverage different programming languages, tools, services, and platforms depending on the current use case. I made myself familiar with many technologies but the following ones I use on a regular basis.

What I ask for


My pricing model depends on the service you requested and the effort (i.e. working hours) it takes me to fulfill the job. There might be charges for services I have to buy or rent from external providers such as hosting, testing, and deployment as well. Please click the link below to get detailed information.