Happy coding

Development & Support

When I develop desktop, mobile, and web applications, I charge all my clients on a hourly basis. The same applies to system administration tasks as well as IT support. I do not charge for any tools and platforms I use during the design and development process. The client pays for the final result only, receives all the rights, and fully owns the product at the end.

After a project has successfully finished, I still maintain its codebase and steadily make small updates for free. However, for bigger changes and refinements like adding features/modules or improving the core functionality, I charge the regular hourly wage.

€ 70

per hour

Unlimited creativity

Web Design

I offer four packages for designing different kinds of websites. The BASIC package is suitable for small websites and personal blogs. The STANDARD package – ideal for associations, companies, and artists – adds pages and supplemental features to manage members as well as media. The ADVANCED package takes it one step further and allows you offering (but not selling!) many types of products such as services by a spa or barbershop and classes/courses/trainings by a dance studio or gym. The ULTIMATE package comprises all the pages and features of the previously mentioned packages plus a complete and fully functional webshop with an integrated payment system, advanced searches, smart filters, listings, and many other useful components.


Simple Website
1000* starting from
  • 5 pages or less
  • Blog, about, portfolio, contact
  • Personal blog, travel journal, magazine, freelancer


Advanced Website
2000* starting from
  • 5-10 pages
  • BASIC + team, calendar, media, galleries
  • Association, club, company, law firm, artist


Professional Website
3500* starting from
  • 10-15 pages
  • STANDARD + products, services, classes, courses, appointments, pricing, reviews
  • Restaurant, barbershop, dance studio, gym,
    real estate, doctor, spa


Intelligent Website
5000* starting from
  • 15+ pages
  • ADVANCED + webshop, payment system, advanced search, smart filters, lists
  • Online shop, hotel, travel/event agency,
    car dealer/rental

* the price represents the minimum costs and does not take into account the costs for planning/design (~50% of the package price), web hosting, and domain. The web hosting and domain are purchased from an external web hoster and provider. Therefore, these recurring costs are billed separately whereby the amount of the costs depends on the package selected above as well as the domain of your choice.

** the number of pages per package is an estimate and only intended as a guidance. The actual number of pages may be different or even slightly higher. Pages for the Imprint (incl. Disclaimer) and Data Protection & Privacy Policy are already included in the package and thus not counted towards the number of pages.

Additional Service

As an additional service, I offer regular maintenance work on your website. The price is based on the package selected above and billed monthly. This includes, among others

Other services such as SEO, website performance optimization, and updating imprint/privacy policy are out of this scope and require further clarification in a kick-off meeting.

€ 50

per month

€ 70

per month


Business Inquiries

Feel free to choose a package and/or service from above and get in touch with me. If you are unsure which package fits the best, you can send me a non-binding inquiry with all your wishes, needs, and requirements for your future app or website anytime. I will then make you an appropriate offer.